Do you want to be different to the other childrens? You need a unique toy ball, a bouncy ball that can shine at night. It is not only suitable for children to play, but also suitable for Valentine’s Day gifts.  “YOUR FRIENDSHIP MAKES ME GLOW” as a romantic slogan, special balls for special you.

In fact, it is also a kind of bouncy ball, with high elasticity, the material is environmentally friendly rubber, and then add  the  environmentally friendly luminous powder into the ball , exposed to bright light to obtain better glow . The whole ball can pass European and American testing.

They are also suitable for Halloween gifts. Different Halloween patterns are printed on the surface of the ball to achieve the luminous effect in the picture through light. This is also interesting.

We can print any style you think of, customize your exclusive holiday gift, and match it with DIY packaging to give him/her a permanent memory.

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