Product NameClassic Glass Marbles Toy Set
MaterialTin + GLass
UsageImprove Kid’s Hand Operated Ability
Use of age6+ Ages

1,  SKILL BALL , Classic board game , In the pre-cell phone era, when glass marbles held many people’s childhood memories, trends would change, but classics would not go out of style, Through the experiment, the child can master the rule between hand power and marble movement, so as to exercise the hand-eye brain coordination ability and the ability to control objects, activate the brain, develop intelligence .Improve focus in the game, for life to lay a good foundation.There are wins and losses in the game process, the child needs to learn to adjust the mentailty , if you admit defeat, frustration will take the initiative to your head..

2,  More than 2 people,timing mode, drop 12 marbles into all 12 holes, the one with the least time will win the game.

3,  In 2-4 player scoring mode, each player has the same number of marbles and takes turns to put marbles into the hole.  The player with the highest score will win.