Manufacturer of Glass Marbles

Wow! Let’s find the different glass marbles here!

Marbles have been made of round stones, clay balls, marble, porcelain, glass, and steel. Toy makers have found increasingly ingenious methods for making marbles that are beautiful, durable, inexpensive, and fun.

We are going to look at how the marbles have been made. Of course, we make marbles for play, so we’ll look at how people have played with marbles.

Glass marble made by the furnace

The glass melted at high temperature, and with a different color, then end up as different style & color marbles.

Glass marble made by Hand

Some different color/style glass rod burns with a flame, then make into the finish goods out of the size model.

Glass marbles with customer’s logo

The glass marbles are printed with customer’s own design,this is best for promotion.

“Childhood is the golden field, the green river, colorful pebble beach.. ” 

“Ah, happy s, who will be refused to a childhood experience. ”

Wonderful childhood 


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