Remember what classic toys we played when we were young? Not an IPad, not a very high-end smart toy, but on a muddy road, a few friends played a simple glass marble game together. Everyone played the game according to the rules of the game, and it was very satisfying to win. Childhood fun is slowly disappearing. Even in many shops, there is no place to buy glass marbles.
Today I will introduce to you a few glass marble products that are popular on Amazon.

1, To say that the best container for collecting glass marbles is the iron box. This erected iron box product contains a variety of sizes and styles of glass marbles inside, a total of 160 pieces, the size is 16MM, 25MM, 35MM, styles Contains cat’s eye balls, solid balls, transparent balls, and a variety of colorful marbles. For children who like to collect, the diversity of this style is their best choice.

2, Exquisite color box packaging. This kind of product is packed with traditional color boxes and various marbles. It looks more delicate. It is suitable for gifts, party gifts, etc., and a box is given on the child’s birthday I think this kind of set toy is very suitable. So it is also very popular with consumers. The product has various set combinations, including 225 pieces, 106 pieces, 58 pieces, 114 pieces Installed. There is always one that suits you.

3. Creative glass marbles. Here you can find handmade marbles such as luminous balls. They are handmade and look amazing. They have luminous powder inside. You don’t have to worry about them being harmful. The luminous powder does not contain any harmful substances. When the children get the glass marbles, they can put the ball in the light for 1-3 minutes, or they can be illuminated by the light of the mobile phone, and wait until the luminous powder has absorbed enough light source. It will emit a dazzling light, which is more interesting for children. Of course, its price is relatively expensive because it is made by hand.

In addition, there are many classic styles and creative packaging for sale on the Amazon.You can go and buy if interested. As a Chinese manufacturer of glass marbles, we have more than 20 years of production and export experience. If you are interested , We can discuss future cooperation, as long as you tell your idea, we will complete the remaining work, and look forward to your contact! thanks!